KATANA V3 Magwell for G43X / 48

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ka·ta·na | / kəˈtänə / noun 1. A Japanese sword is characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and a long grip to accommodate two hands. 


Enhancements Include:

  • Enhanced underside allows for efficient insertion and extraction of the magazine
  • An elongated nose allows larger hands to seat comfortably
  • Better quality shot groups by creating a consistently placed grip
  • Streamlined design by way of advanced 3D contouring 
  • Patent Pending design
Compared to the V2, the V3 KATANA  has:
Slightly larger flare with increased area to remove stuck mags.
Reduced overall length for greater concealability during EDC.
Redesigned 3D Machined profile for greater rigidity.
Increased aftermarket parts cooperation.


Length: OEM = 1.75" vs. KATANA V3 = 2.39"

Width: OEM = 1.17" vs. KATANA V3 = 1.24"


Aluminum = 14 grams

Note: While we designed the KATANA for OEM Magazines, it does work with S15 magazines and the Micro Dagger mags that are within OEM tolerances. We are not responsible if your S15 magazine is out of tolerance.

---- DOES NOT WORK FOR G43 ----