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Keep the KATANA completely assembled as shipped.
Check that the screw is not fully tightened into the locking plug
Insert the KATANA to your frame starting from the front to back
Ensure the plug is fully inserted into your frame
With a light pressure hold down onto the KATANA while tightening with supplied key

How to install your STILETTO trigger shoe:

Your STILETTO comes with the following:

- 1x Hex Hey

- 1x Set Screw

- 1x Plastic Razor

- 1x Stiletto Shoe

First, start by inserting the plastic razor into the  right side slot on the trigger shoe. 


Next, while keeping the plastic razor fully inserted, press down on the floating pin using the provided hex hey, until the pin hits the razor.


(Note: You may need to depress and rock the safety to allow it to fully seat and center.) 

Carefully remove the plastic razor. You should see the floating pin partially sticking out. 


(Note: Do not allow the floating pin to go all the way through. If it does, you can use a magnet to lift it back up.)


While keeping the pin partially through, slide the trigger bar under it until you feel the pin click into the trigger bar.

While carefully keeping the trigger bar partially set on the pin, push the floating pin down with the provided hex key until it is fully seated. (Be sure the trigger can freely move.)

Next, lightly apply a drop of Red Loctite to the set screw and fully fasten down until hand tight. 


(Note: Allow 24 hours for the Loctite to set before use.)

Verify the trigger can move freely before installing into your firearm.

Lastly after installing, and confirming the firearm is safe and unloaded, function check to verify proper installation.