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Colt Python KAGE

- KAGE Installation should be done by a qualified gunsmith. 

- *Rocksett Should be used on all screws.

- Ensure the firearm is clear and safe to work on.

- Remove front sight:

1. You MUST heat up the front sight screw hole with a lighter for 5 seconds to clear factory loctite.
2. Insert smallest included allen key & turn counter clockwise.

- Remove rear sight:

1. Use 1/16th punch to remove the roll pin from left to right.

2. Use a Flat Head to remove rear sight screw.

- Install top rail onto Python and secure with included rear screw until SNUG.

- Slide pre assembled bottom rail & comp onto Python ensuring alignment

3” versions = Insert long screws up front / Short screws in the rear ensure top rail is fully seated & holes align with bottom rail (may have to squeeze top rail to align.)
4.25” & 6” versions = Remove Installed Rail Screws & Ensure top rail is full seated & holes align with bottom rail (may have to squeeze top rail to align.)

- Install all button head screws ¼ of the way, then all ¾ of the way.

- Tighten Top comp screw ¾  of the way.

- Tighten all button head rail screws until SNUG.

- Tighten top comp screw until SNUG.

- Install compensator rollpin. (Ensure you are using the correct size starter and punch.)

* Due to the nature of the KAGE system, please be aware you are mounting a compensator to a non threaded barrel. It is advised your KAGE should be regularly inspected before and after each range use, also depending on ammunition selection (ie. Hotter loads), additional inspection is advised.