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WARNING: Installation of your STILETTO should be performed by a proper SIG Armorer.


Adjusting Your Travel Screws:

 Your adjustment screws are pre-installed and need to be removed with supplied keys before installing the STILETTO to your FCU.

Once your STILETTO is installed, use supplied keys to adjust the Travel Screws 1 at a time to Shooter preference & functionality


Installing your Adjustable STILETTO Face:

 With your FCU removed from your frame use supplied keys and screws to install your adjustable face.

Place the secondary face onto the front face of your STILETTO matching the screw holes with each-other.With the supplied key and screws, hand tighten the screw. (Blue LOCTITE is recommended)


it is common for AXG frame threads to not be fully tapped or clogged with anodizing debris.

We recommend clearing the threads by slowly working the screw with a drop of oil & turning it Clockwise 1/4 turn, then Counter Clockwise 1/4 turn, until the threads are clear.

If you do meet heavy resistance a tap is the best way to clean the frame threads.

As the hole/threads are at an angle & the mag well sits flush, the screw will not sit flush with the frame but keeps tension on the back edge of the KATANA hole.