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365XL / XMacro JAVELIN

Ensure the magazine is removed & firearm is clear. 
Remove slide from frame & OEM guide rod from the slide.
With muzzle facing down insert bushing with raised portion facing towards the muzzle.
Ensure the bushing is fully seated & flush with the muzzle of the slide.
Place spring onto JAVELIN & insert the spring into the slide dust cover to add slight tension on the bushing. Align bushing opening with triangle of JAVELIN.
Rotate the muzzle upwards while working on a flat surface, look through the bushing and gradually increase pressure inserting JAVELIN until fully sat on the barrel.
Place 2 drops of oil on the bushing opening, & dryfire 10 times to ensure lubrication.
Ensure proper setting of slide & any ammo before being used for carry. to input text into the page.

365X / XMacro / WC365X KATANA


Slide the front piece of the KATANA onto the bottom lip of your 365X/XL frame
Slide the back piece of the KATANA onto the lip next
Use supplied screws and insert them into your KATANA 
Use supplied Key to tighten while alternating between each side
 Ensure all sides of the KATANA are flush and make contact with your frame
Function test your KATANA with magazines