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Frequently Asked Questions


"Can I add on to my order / combine it after it's placed?"

Unfortunately no, the reason is we charge flat rate shipping per each order, which would require us to refund the original shipping charge. We are charged each time through our merchant company per refund which can get quite costly for us. Please ensure your order is complete and correct before placing it. 

"I made a mistake on my order, can I change it?"

No worries! Please contact us immediately at, and ensure the header says "ORDER CORRECTION" along with your order number. We will try our best to make sure your order is corrected before it is shipped.

"Do you offer other shipping carriers for my order?"

We currently only offer USPS ground for all orders at this time excluding firearms, which are shipped through UPS 2nd day air.

"I ordered a Tano-colored item and it is a different shade than another I have, is this a defect?"

That is completely normal, there are many variables (Dye, temperature, time, size of the batch, and concentration of the solution.) that go into anodizing, so color-matching any kind of anodizing is extremely difficult.  If you would like to color match your Tano items we would highly recommend purchasing some that are produced in the same batch.

"When is "X" product going to be back in stock?"

We are constantly manufacturing product daily, so as soon as it is ready to be sold it is immediately listed on our site. We would recommend signing up to be notified on whatever product you are looking for, as that is the fastest way to be notified.


"I got a notification my order was delivered but I cannot find it."

Please allow up to 48 hours, most packages typically turn up within this time. If not, contact us at for further assistance.

"My package is taking too long to arrive, can you please hurry up?"

Unfortunately, we do not have any control over your order while it is in transit. As soon as it leaves our facility it is either USPS or UPS who handles the rest. Sometimes adverse weather, holidays, etc. can have an effect on your delivery date. We would recommend contacting them for further assistance.

"I see you guys are local, can I pick my order up in person?"

Absolutely! If you would like to pick your order up in person at our facility, please leave a note on your order so we can reach out to you and schedule a time to pick it up. We are open by appointment only as we are not open to the public.

"Do you ship outside the United States?"

Due to the nature of our products, we only allow our products to ship within the CONUS with the exception of foreign United States military bases / diplomatic centers. Forwarding services to bypass export restrictions are not allowed, and if found to be used, your order will be immediately canceled. 


"I'm having issues with installing my product, can you help?"

We would recommend following our install instructions located on our site, however, if you are still having issues please contact us at for further assistance.

"I did not receive the correct product, who do I contact?"

We will absolutely get you taken care of, please contact us at for further assistance, and ensure the header says "INCORRECT ITEM" along with your order number.


"I've never purchased a firearm online, how does it work?"

Once your order is placed we immediately start work on your firearm. Before your firearm can ship, however, your preferred FFL must send us a copy of their FFL at, referencing your name and order number.

(A valid FFL is required for any and all firearms sales, NO EXCEPTIONS.)

"Do you warranty the firearms you sell?"

All firearms are warrantied for one year.

(Warranty does not cover negligence, mishandling, unauthorized modification, improper/reloaded ammunition, corrosion, or neglect.)

"Can you install my product for me?"

We offer courtesy installation to our local customers at this time.

"Do you offer custom gunsmithing at your shop?"

Besides the performance work we do on our firearms we sell, we do not offer custom work at this time.