JAVELIN Recoil System for SIG P365XL / XMacro

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Enhancements Include:

  • Precision CNC machined out of premium 303 stainless steel billet.
  • Certified chrome silicon spring for a long consistent life.
  • The guide rods triangular design reduces friction and muzzle flip, creating a flatter shooting EDC for your P365XL or XMacro.
  • The Javelin has been extensively tested on compensators, ported slides/barrels, and an extensive variety of ammo, all providing both a smoother and flatter recoil than both the OEM and other aftermarket recoil systems.


*Recommended for P365XL / Spectre Comp / XMacro slides ONLY.*

**JAVELINS made in 2024 will include a small pocket on the front to aid in Installation.** 

***NOT FOR USE WITH with Standard 365, 365X Slides, or SUPPRESSORS.***