JAVELIN Recoil System for Glock 43X

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jave·lin | / ˈjav(ə)lən / noun 1. a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon.


The JAVELIN Guide Rod’s triangular design reduces Friction & Muzzle Flip creating a flatter shooting EDC for your 43X. 
We CNC machine our Billet one-piece rod from premium 303 Stainless Steel & combine it with Certified Chrome Silicon wire for a long consistent life.
It has been extensively tested on Comps, Ports, & an extensive variety of ammo, all providing both a smoother & flatter recoil than both OEM & other aftermarket recoil systems.

*Recommended for OEM 43X slides ONLY*

**JAVELINS made in 2024 will include a small pocket on the front to aid in Installation** 

*NOT FOR USE WITH with Standard 365 or 365X Slides or SUPPRESSORS*