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$25.00 $30.00
WASP Color
Additional Ignition Type

Wa·sp / noun : A man portable flame thrower mounted to tanks during WWII.

Fire has easily been one of the most essential tools that man has ever created, and is a necessity to your carry lineup. The WASP comes standard as an authentic ZIPPO, in 3 different finishes cleanly engraved with EMPIRE on the lower left face. It includes all OEM packaging with original Flint & Wick.

Additional Ignition Source:

  • Double Torch +$25
    • Genuine Zippo Double Torch Insert with push-button ignition
    • Adjustable blue flame height; heats up to 2,300°F/1,260°C
    • Refillable with Zippo Butane fuel; 0.9g fuel capacity
  • Rechargeable ARC +$30
    • Genuine ZIPPO windproof double plasma Arc beam with double tap push-button ignition
    • 200 mAh IEC battery; 5v0. 2A micro USB port with 1 hour recharge time & 300 charges per battery
    • 10 second time out feature
* All WASP's are made to order and ship within 7 business days
(dependent on finish) unless listed as ready to ship.
** Lighters come direct from the manufacture and do not include lighter fluid**


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