The STILETTO Mk2 Trigger Shoe Only

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sti·let·to | / stəˈledō / noun 1. A short dagger with a tapering blade. 

The STILETTO Mk2 is a versatile EDC trigger focused on providing a consistent dependable pull. 


6061 Aluminum

260 Brass Alloy

145 Copper Alloy

Coating = Type2 Anodized

>STILETTO Mk2 Install Instructions<

*This Mk2 Trigger Shoe fits Gen3/4, or 43/43X/48*
*If intended for 19-4 please list in comments as we make a specific safety for these*
*We designed & recommend the Mk2 to be used on an OEM Trigger Bar*
*Minor fitting may be required for non-OEM frames*