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oculos | / óculos / noun 1. Latin word for eyes.

The OCULOS backup sights provide simplicity yet effectiveness to your EDC Glock. The recessed front sights allow the user to lollipop their optic with the standard black or enhance with color to work in all situations. The compression design allows users to install/remove without the need of a sight pusher while remaining secure.

Enhancements Include:

  • Lower 1/3 height that is ideal for most Optics
  • Simple, functional, non-distracting design
  • Dehorned profile reduces snags
  • Recessed front sight for easy sight acquisition
  • Installs without a Sight Pusher

The OCULOS specifications
Co-witness Height = Lower 1/3
Material = 6061 Aluminum = 11.4 grams
Coating = Milspec Type3 Hardcoat Anodizing
Attachment Method = Dual rear set screws

Note: Due to the tolerances allowed by slide manufacturers (+/- .003"), in some instances, the OCULOS may require minor fitment.

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