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Is your unit/agency interested in testing the NYX to confirm it is a great fit?      Email to get set up.

nyx | / n.i.x / noun 1.  Greek Goddess of the night, who was feared even by Zeus.

The NYX provides a low-profile secure way to attach L3 Laser pads directly to your M-LOK rail eliminating the need for tape or zip ties. Hang-ups are greatly reduced by contouring the NYX to standard rail curvature all while providing protection to the frame of your switch.

Enhancements Include:

  • Low Profile – Low Snag design
  • Forms perfectly to SMR rail variants
  • Secures & protects switch frame
  • Eliminates the need for zip ties or tape

NYX specifications:
Dimensions = 4.1”x.9”x.25”
Material = 6061 Aluminum = 14.97 grams
Coating = Milspec Type3 Hardcoat
Attachment Method = Dual MLOK T-nuts

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