The KOTE for SIG P320 AXG

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ko·te | / koˈte / noun 1. Armor worn by the Japanese Samurai provided protection to their arms and hands, allowing them to freely shoot arrows while on horseback.

The KOTE adds a new feel to your SIG AXG frame by providing variable texture to key points, enhancing your grip during austere conditions.

Features Include:

  • CNC Machined out of Premium Billet Materials
  • Provides a secure grip leading to better shot grouping
  • 3D profiling design blends metal & texture
  • Interchangeable textures & designs
  • Includes choice of Black screws with install tool
6061 Aluminum = 49 grams
260 Brass Alloy = 154 grams
6AL4V Titanium = 84 Grams
*All KOTE includes a Black Medium texture insert*
**Each set of Titanium grips are unique in color pattern**