KATANA 43x & 48 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My magazines wont drop freely, is there a fix for this?

Answer: Please remove your KATANA completely and re install and do not overtighten. 


Question: Does the KATANA work with the S15 Magazines?

Answer: Yes, The Katana is Compatible with the S15 Magazines that do not exceed factory tolerances.


Question: What material is the KATANA made with?

Answer: Our KATANA is machined from billet T6061 Aluminum, 260 Brass Alloy, & 145 Copper Alloy.


Question: Is the KATANA easy to install?

Answer: The KATANA comes with instructions and tools, & takes approximately 30 seconds to install.


Question: I'm Having trouble with my S15 Gen2 mags seating with the KATANA is there anything I can do to fix this?

Answer: Please ensure that you have the Shield Arms recommended metal mag release, as many issues are mag release related.

Answer: We have found that some batches of S15 bases are slightly taller & can come into contact with the KATANA before fully seating. An easy fix is to lightly sand the nose of the base pad until it fully seats (appx 0.020").