EMPIRE PBF Install Instructions

Installing your SIG P365X & XL KATANA  

  1. Slide the front piece of the KATANA onto the bottom lip of your 365X/XL frame
  2. Slide the back piece of the KATANA onto the lip next
  3. Use supplied screws and insert them into your KATANA 
  4. Use supplied Key to tighten while alternating between each side
  5.  Ensure all sides of the KATANA are flush and make contact with your frame
  6. Function test your KATANA and if you have any questions please let us know


  1. Keep the KATANA completely assembled as shipped. 
  2. Check that the screw is not fully tightened into the locking plug
  3. Insert the KATANA to your frame starting from the front to back
  4. Ensure the plug is fully inserted into your frame
  5. With a light pressure hold down onto the KATANA while tightening with supplied key


Installing your TRIGA

  1. TRIGA plates have extremely tight tolerances
  2. Yours may require minor fitment
  3. Remove Optic Screws from posts
  4. Insert front nose of TRIGA into MOS
  5. Use consistent pressure seat the rear
  6. Ensure plate is flat on slide prior to mounting screws
  7. Apply MINIMAL Blue Loctite on each screw
  8. Hand tighten silver Sealing Screw do not OVERTIGHTEN
  9. Mount Optic ensuring base is fully seated
  10. Tighten black Optic Screws to 10” lbs.



Installation of your STILETTO should be performed by a proper SIG Armorer.                                                                                  

Adjusting Your Travel Screws

 Your adjustment screws are pre-installed and need to be removed with supplied keys before installing the STILETTO to your FCU

 Once your STILETTO is installed, use supplied keys to adjust the Travel Screws 1 at a time to Shooter preference & functionality

 Installing your Adjustable STILETTO Face

 With your FCU removed from your frame use supplied keys and screws to install your adjustable face.

Place the secondary face onto the front face of your STILETTO matching the screw holes with each-other.

With the supplied key and screws, hand tighten the screw. (Blue LOCTITE is recommended)