Prototype - Machine - Use

Enhance - Repeat

EMPIRE's gears started turning with our founders background in SOCOM where he was able to Test & Evaluate Mission Enhancing Components.

Fast forward to current day, we not only design & manufacture those products, but also employ other veterans who share the desire to continue striving for improvement each & every day while providing quality tools designed for function. Some of our products are designed specifically for units or teams in order to give them the edge needed for today's volatile environment. Our engineers are able to bring ideas to life, while our manufacturing capabilities can put it into full production.


Performance Based Innovative Products

More than just looking good. When it comes to our products, we believe you can have it all: skillfully designed, well-crafted, and made from premium materials.


Excellence At Every Step

In the face of fast imitation, we focus on the lasting, primary needs of our customers. Every original piece is designed to endure and has a long life with you.


We are fortunate to work with other like minded industry members who not only support our products, but give us the motivation to to come in each day being better than the last.  

Interested in working with or becoming an EMPIRE dealer?

Drop us a line, tell us about yourself or company & how we can work together to provide a better 2A community.