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The KATANA for SIG P365X / XL

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ka·ta·na | / kəˈtänə / noun 1. A Japanese sword is characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and a long grip to accommodate two hands.

 The P365X / XL KATANA was designed to improve a user's position & grip during high-stress situations by increasing the surface area on key points of contact. While the base is enlarged for off-center mag changes the sole intent is to keep the user in the fight long enough to perform a mag change by placing consistent follow-up shots. Printing is reduced by streamlining the contour of the KATANA creating a comfortable & effective enhancement to your concealed carry. 

This is not the version for the Wilson P365X Frame.
Enhancements Include:
  • Creates a consistently placed secure grip allowing better grouping
  • Streamlined design mitigates printing during concealed carry
  • An elongated nose allows larger hands to seat comfortably
  • Patent Pending design eliminates protruding cross screw
  • Protects your frame from off-centered mag changes
Length: Factory Frame = 1.75" vs. KATANA = 2.25"
Width: Factory Frame = 1.17" vs. KATANA = 1.45"
6061 Aluminum = 11 grams
260 Brass Alloy = 26 grams

*Low stippling or grip tape may affect fitment*
**The KATANA is designed for a secure fit & will dig into your frame/paint**
***The KATANA was designed for OEM frames, & Basepads. We do not recommend or guarantee it for non-OEM frames or components. ***
Copper Alloy = 31 grams